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Theatre maker, writer and director Ant Hampton founded Rotozaza in 1998 and, since 2008, has been collaborating with different artists to produce a series of intimate and automatic performance works. Loosely grouped together as 'Autoteatro', these shows often function via instructions issued to the audience who experience the work in couples or small groups. Despite their micro or 'intimate' nature, large audiences can be accommodated over the timeframe of a festival. The work is production-light, inexpensive to travel and can often be performed in the language of the host country (many of the shows are already available in multiple language versions).

Hampton also continues his 'live portrait' work as The Other People: structured encounters with people from non-artistic milieu. The two practices occasionally merge, as in his 2012 piece with Chinese migrant workers, Elsewhere, Offshore. He was head dramaturg for Projected Scenarios at Manifesta7 Biennial for Contemporary Art and has contributed to projects by Forced Entertainment, Stefan Kaegi, and Jerome Bel.

Please note that there are currently seven productions available for touring: The three featured below, plus OK OK (2011)Hello for Dummies (2011), GuruGuru (2009), and a new version of Romcom. See Hampton website for full info:

See also for Rotozaza's Etiquette.


The Quiet Volume - with Tim Etchells

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 0-1
  • Freight: No freight necessary
  • Freight details: A box of books and ipods.


A whispered, self-generated and 'automatic' performance for two at a time (six per hour using three set-ups), exploiting the tension common to library reading rooms and exposing the strange magic at the heart of the reading experience, allowing aspects of it we think of as deeply internal to lean out into the surrounding space, and to leak from one reader's sphere into another's.

This is Not My Voice Speaking - with Britt Hatzius

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 1-2
  • Freight: No freight necessary
  • Freight details: Freight may not be necessary if equipment (projectors and stands) sourced locally.


The audience-performers (two, three or four at a time), led by a mercurial instruction 'manual', operate various 'last-generation' AV equipment (turntable, slide projector, cassette, 16mm film...), triggering voices and images as they do.

This is Not My Voice Speaking is a subtle and funny exploration of our changing relationship to the recorded voice as we shift from unstable media to a more 'solid state'.

Elsewhere, Offshore (part 1 • Cue China)

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 1
  • Freight: No freight necessary


What would happen if, rebooting after a minor hardware update, your computer's screen lit up with the face of the person who made it? And what if they could see you too? A unique contraption involving reflective glass panels conjurs a ghostly yet touching encounter: the faces and voices of Chinese migrant workers slowly merge with our own. 

Wraparound work

Ant Hampton has led his workshop on imagination and writing for site-specific theatre/live urban interventions in cities all over the world (Bahia Blanca, Cairo, Dublin, Oslo, Rio de Janeiro). For artists and practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds – theatre-makers, actors / directors, as well as choreographers, stage-designers, architects, poets and writers of many kinds. 

Rather than try to enable or kick-start any actual project, the workshop concerns itself with the initial stages of imagination and conception. With a focus on observation, imagination and writing, and involving walks in the city, discussion, film and photography, the workshop is an exploratory three days culminating in a series of on-location 'audio-walk' presentations using iPods provided by Ant Hampton.

Press Comments & Testimonials

The Quiet Volume, this play by Ant Hampton and Tim Etchells leading a spectator into the world of books, is theatre of a very magical kind. A theatre of the gradual construction of thoughts whilst seeing, listening and reading. A theatre that pulls the world in and around, closer to and into the spectator."

Berliner Zeitung (DE) 

"OK OK is an unpretentious yet sophisticated brainwave... The spectator is entwined in a dialogue with himself, his fellow participants, deja-vus and thoughts."

Volkskrant (NL)

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Ant Hampton

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