Gandini Juggling

Formed in 1992 by jugglers Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Gandini Juggling continues to be at the vanguard of contemporary circus, reinventing and reinvigorating juggling for the 21st Century. 

Since their inception the Gandinis have performed over 5,000 shows in 50 countries. They continue to perform at festivals and venues throughout the world.  These venues range from Contemporary art museums in France to tents in Argentina. Closer to home the Gandinis can be seen in the UK performing at outdoor festivals and theatre houses including London’s Royal Opera House and The Royal National Theatre. 

The Gandini’s continue to be influenced by a range of disciplines, which include amongst others, composers, ballet choreographers, fashion designers, computer programmers, sound designers, set makers and mathematicians. They wish to engage in a complex dialogue with the audience, demanding the viewers’ engagement whilst assuming a mutual maturity and imbuing the viewer with a questioning intelligence. 

The Gandini's journeys have always been countercurrent, an individual voice in the global circus scene, with quotidian risk-taking and fearless upturns. 30 productions and 23 years later, Gandini Juggling are creating vibrant and challenging performance pieces.


  • Image: Cløwns & Queens Photographer: Jaques Langlois
  • Image: Smashed Photographer: Ryoko Uyama
  • Image: Smashed Photographer: Ryoko Uyama



  • Duration:
  • People on road: 10
  • Freight: No freight necessary


Smashed: nine jugglers, 80 apples, four crockery sets. A sensational mix of skills and theatricality inspired by the work of Pina Bausch. A series of nostalgic filmic scenes exploring conflict, tense relationships, lost love and quaint afternoon tea…

In Smashed, the manipulation of the forbidden fruit takes a look at the strained relations between seven men and two women, exploring traditional juggling and contemporary circus.

4 x 4 Ephemeral Architectures

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 11 or 12 for original recorded music version.
    16 or 17 for live music version.
  • Freight: No freight necessary
  • Freight details: 3 x 20 kg bags
    Instruments if live music version


Tracing pathways in space, four jugglers and four ballet dancers share a stage for the first time.

Both these formalised systems are ephemeral journeys through time and space, leaving an unseen trace, like an imaginary architecture. 4 x 4 is a celebration of where these paths meet. 

4 x 4 seees Gandini Juggling returning to its love affair with pure patterns and mathematics. Following the international success of Smashed, this new work takes us on fleeting journeys through time and space in a unique dialogue between jugglers and ballet dancers. 

Directed by Sean Gandini, choreographed by Royal Ballet dancer Ludovic Ondiviela, with original composition Suspended opus 69 by Nimrod Borenstein and erformed by young chamber ensemble Camerata Alma Viva. Lighting design by Guy Hoare completes this sensational cross-art form experience. 

Director's Cut

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 9 performers (Min 4 - Max 20 performers)
  • Freight: No freight necessary


Director's Cut is a modular piece adapted to a particular space or stage.

Director's Cut digs into the vast Gandini repertoire and includes many of the favourite pieces. It frequently finishes with the company's illuminated juggling pieces and includes routines with balls, clubs, rings and big balls. It is accompanied by original music.

The virtuosic core group of six jugglers regularly expands up to 20 for specially-commissioned events and performances.

Wraparound work

Gandini Juggling continues to teach at leading circus schools, teaching workshops, creating performances and supporting the next generation of circus artists. It can offer practical workshops in juggling skills.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"A splendind blend of talents imbued with both elegance and wit"

The Times

"A show of elegant wistful beauty"

The Guardian

"A clever, cool and wondrous show that gives delight”

The Stage

“Glorious. When it comes to juggling, the Gandinis pip everyone else”

The Guardian


“As an indictment on human nature it's vicious; as theatre, it's 
(Fest Mag, Aug 2013)
“Juggling: not just artful but art.”
(Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, Jan 2012)
‘This is juggling on a completely different level; past skill, past art. 
Unsettlingly insane, wholly profound, moving and terrifying all at 
(Three Weeks, Aug 2013)
“There are no words to describe how beautiful the sight of 9 people 
juggling a whole load of apples can be…” 
(There Ought to be Clowns, July 2010)
“Words can't really catch the speed, precision, quirks and intricacies
of what Sean Gandini and his insouciantly dexterous compadres do 
in Smashed… a juicy treat from first bite to its mid-air core.” (The 
Herald Aug 2013) 

"The Kings of Juggling" (Edouard Launet, French newspaper Libération, 2013)

"Juggling: not just artful but art.” (Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, Jan 2012)

"In a whole other league. Remarkable" (The Scotsman, 2013)

"Inventive and very funny" (The Independant, 2013)

"This is juggling on a completely different level; past skill, past art. Unsettlingly insane, wholly profound, moving and terrifying all at once.” (Three Weeks, Aug 2013)

“Words can't really catch the speed, precision, quirks and intricacies of what Sean Gandini and his insouciantly dexterous compadres” (The Herald Aug 2013)


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Artistic Director(s)

Sean Gandini and Kati Ylä-Hokkala

Contact details

Sean Gandini
Artistic Director

14 Dehavilland Studios
20 Theydon Road
E5 9NY

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