Liz Aggiss

Liz Aggiss is a solo movement/theatre artist. Her work is framed by extensive contextual research that considers and uses the personal and historical as reference. Her performances have a distinctive expressive, grotesque and British music hall movement style, and integrate text, film and humour. Her performance persona creates an open and engaging relationship with the audience.

Her work resists formality, and looks at gender politics and the representation of women in dance and society. The work exceeds expectations of what her particular fleshy, post-menopausal, dancing body should be doing, why she should be doing it and where it should be done.

  • Image: The English Channel. Photograph: Liz Aggiss


The English Channel

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 2
  • Freight: No freight necessary


After 60 years Liz Aggiss finally gives herself permission to do what she damn well pleases. This intimate, quirky and engaging solo features movement, text and film. The English Channel is a witty commentatry on life, death, and the pain, pleasure and paradox of the stage.

Survival Tactics

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 2
  • Freight: No freight necessary


Straddling performance and ready-to-wear academia, Survival Tactics pays homage to Liz Aggiss (and why not), and her invisible mentors. Fusing text to movement, reconstruction to demonstration, archive to film footage, seriousness to absurdity, the audience is treated to a humorous lesson in lineage and the happy accident.

Wraparound work

Liz Aggiss is an experienced tutor, mentor and speaker. She is Professor of Visual Performance at the University of Brighton and holds an Honorary Doctorate from The University of Gothenburg. She can offer Mistress Classes, a choice of workshops based around her research and choreographic methods, post-show talks, seminars and critical discussions to accompany the performance.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"Aggiss never fails to amuse, bemuse and generally reassure that there is still a place for profundity coming out of a sheer outrageous confirmation of being alive."

Laura Burns, Exeunt Magazine

"Liz Aggiss is a performer ready to look with irony at her own art, her artistic position and her role in it all, in order to give us strong, original entertainment."

Ana Schnabel, The Observer, Llubljana Slovenia

"A rare and wonderful talent from well outside the square."

New Zealand Herald

"Aggiss, is one of those glorious wild cards who grounds her eccentricities in a bedrock of serious cultural and social information – all astutely accrued over years of creating, performing and teaching."

Mary Brennan, Herald Scotland

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Liz Aggiss

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Liz Aggiss
Artistic Director

20 Montpelier Street
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