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NoFit State is circus that everyone wants to join. The company creates professional, cutting-edge contemporary circus to inspire audiences and, by running engagement programmes, to enable people to participate. NoFit State has been leading the development of contemporary circus in the UK for 25 years; it is constantly reinventing itself to push the boundaries of this relatively new sector.

Inspired by the itinerant nature and the alternative community of the circus, the company works in various places. From the company's own UFO big top, to site specific work designed for modern venues such as The Roundhouse or the Eden Project, from large scale outdoor work to intimate theatres, the company is creating work of different scales and sizes across the UK and internationally.



  • Duration:
  • People on road: 30
  • Freight: No freight necessary
  • Freight details: The set is built of two lorries and contained within the two lorries for travel. Therefore it is necessary to drive to any venue.


Two trucks block your path. They disgorge their contents of wires and tyres, creating an obstacle to normal paths and daily routines.

Suddenly, the wind is rising. People are building a barricade to defend themselves from the storm. They hurry to bring tyres, ladders and other objects in impossible volumes. The barricade they build, a spectacular aerial playground, sets the scene for a maelstrom of breathtaking circus. A powerful story of separation and unity, acrobats, aerialists and tightrope walkers explore the mighty human effort required to overcome the walls, barriers and defences we find, or place, in our path.

Barricade invokes a glorious spirit of resistance to empower its people to fight for freedom. A freedom from their own fear.


  • Duration:
  • People on road: 30
  • Freight: No freight necessary
  • Freight details: The company travels with its own big top and circus vehicles across Europe but can work internationally in collobaration with organisations that can provide rigging structures and technical specifications.


NoFit State returns to Eden for the world premiere of its latest production Bianco.

Following last year's sellout show, NoFit State once again brings artists from across the globe to create a captivating and sensational contemporary circus experience.

Dazzling circus arts, spine-tingling aerial acrobatics and live music create a journey of transformation on a dramatic and epic scale. Join us on the journey, marvel at the beauty of the spectacle unfolding above and around you.

Let yourself become immersed in the wonderful and unexpected world of Bianco.

Parklife/Parklife Pod

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 30
  • Freight: No freight necessary
  • Freight details: 3 trucks that carry equipment and staging.


Part playground, part bandstand, NoFit State takes the tent off its circus and invites you to join them in a joyful exploration and celebration of the secret life of public parks. For a week at a time, it will take up residency in festival parks, bringing a spectacular aerial circus playground and an Open House programme of taster sessions, rehearsals, performances and happenings in collaboration with local creative groups and members of the passing public.

From impromptu whistling workshops and live music jams to bicycle ballets and displays of extreme sports, there will be plenty of opportunities to get in on the act as Britain’s leading contemporary circus company launches the first phase of its exciting outdoor circus initiative.

Wraparound work

NoFit State is committed to providing opportunities for participation. It is well known for its large scale community engagement projects and often uses these platforms of experimentation to develop new theatrical languages for its professional work.

NoFit State believes circus can encompass any physical skill into its performance vocabulary and is always inspired by the skills of the public, and looks at ways to encorporate communities into high quality professional work. At its base in Cardiff the company runs workshops, youth circus (Welsh and English language), classes for adult learners, professional development training, trainee schemes and masterclasses. In the absence of a circus school in Wales the company aims to provide career pathways for people of all ages wishing to enter the circus profession and social circus opportunities for those that don't.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"NoFit's latest spectacle, directed by Firenza Guidi, is like dropping in on a wild party thrown by strangers, and emerging two hours later having begun to establish a peculiar but intoxicating kinship with your hosts. Portentously subtitled 'standing on the edge of the wilderness', this orchestrated chaos is peopled by exhibitionists infused with a kind of mad bacchanalian courage."

Donald Hutera, The Times

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Artistic Director(s)

Ali Williams and Tom Rack

Contact details

Ali Williams
Creative Director

John Street
CF10 5PE

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