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Tom Dale Company is brought together by a collection of artists and practitioners in the fields of dance, music, art and design. Lead by Artistic Director Tom Dale, the company brings new aesthetics to dance and synergy to cross art collaborations, in order to contemplate and challenge concepts pertinent to contemporary society.

Tom's work does not fit into any easy category. He draws on an instinctive relationship to music and the particular themes of the work, to find and create the relevant movement identities, dynamics and world of performance. Innovative, investigative and exciting, TDC's work is woven into the fabric of our times. Not afraid of its virtuosity, or limited to creating purely aesthetic dance or work with simple narratives, TDC reinvigorates dance nationally and internationally.

TDC engages with global issues relating to the human experience, bringing them to life through metaphor and the development of a unique movement vocabulary. TDC attracts audiences to dance through its aesthetics, contemporary influences, music innovations and creative collaborations.

These core artistic tools, coupled with the content of the work and its resonances with underground/sub-cultures create the dynamic heart of TDC, making it attractive to audiences new to dance. TDC invests in dance as an art form with a robust but sensitive working practice. TDC also provides continued professional development and creates work for the major UK dance conservatoires, offering compelling and fulfilling education work.

  • Image: Rise Phorographer: Nuno Santos
  • Image: Roam Photographer: Sinan Boscar
  • Image: I infinite Photograher: Barret Hodgson


I Infinite

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 4/5
  • Freight: No freight necessary


Set in a white, digitally animated environment, I Infinite is a mesmerising multi-media dance installation inspired by the quest of the digital world to re-create life. Audiences are free to roam as the spellbinding visual imagery draws you within centimetres of the performer who moves between robotic isolation and liquid fluidity. Locked within a world of finite solutions the character embarks on a captivating journey to the infinite.

Created by Tom Dale/ Barret Hodgson/ Maria Olga Palliani.

Audience capacity 35-50

2-4 Shows per day

For Galleries and "White Box" Spaces.


  • Duration:
  • People on road: 7
  • Freight: No freight necessary
  • Freight details: Small scaffolding structures, can be contained 8ft by 4ft by 5ft.


Five hooded figures cut across society to challenge the twitching landscape that sustains and detains them. An assault on complacency, RISE is exhilarating, edgy and beautiful, taking the audience into the heart of our claustrophobic communities.

Tom Dale's sinuous and feral choreography combines with music by drum and bass outfit Sion, Berlin-based artist Pole, Susumo Yakota, Aphex Twin and reggae superstar Gentleman to create a performance that is both menacing and touching.


  • Duration:
  • People on road: 8
  • Freight: No freight necessary


Tom Dale Company, Shackleton and Sion come together to expand their vision of dance and music from the club into the theatre. Oozing subs and spidery percussion whip up a storm with TDC's sinuous and feral movement, weaving a 50-minute piece of roaming beauty that sweeps across landscapes, drops into hot cauldrons of swinging sub bass and rumbling percussion, passes through the dark urban fields of the dub step city and visits Sion's manic world of jumping D&B.

A captivating, sophisticated yet raw journey of five dancers into this roaming musical world will leave you wondering where this came from.

Wraparound work

Professional development workshops:

  • Organic and Digital – exploration of the creative collaboration between choreographer and digital artist, practices, processes, relationships, understanding each other, sharing.
  • Choreography and Movement Masterclass – with Tom Dale.
  • Introduction to TDC movement language through techniques, musicality and processes.
  • Introduction to Isadora software and creating digital animations for live performance. Isadora provides interactive control over digital media, with special emphasis on the real-time manipulation of digital video. TDC uses this in the creative process as a tool to try out ideas.
  • Effective Software integration. Quartz composer (live motion/interactive graphics), Qlab (performance structure). Creating content: after effects and editing, Final Cut Pro.
  • Technology skills workshop, software integration, projecting, mapping, using projection as a light source.

Workshops facilitated by Tom Dale, Barret Hodgson & Company Dancers

Tom Dale has taught  extensively including 4-5 week intensives for final year students at Laban, The Place, Northern School of Contemporary Dance and The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, and regularly runs CPD sessions in London.

Barret has an FE City in Guilds teaching qualification, and taught video editing and graphics at Loughborough University for two years. He has taught workshops in Interactive media.

TDC also offers post-show discussions on creative process and concepts explored within the piece.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"Exhilaratingly beautiful and simmering with danger"

British Theatre Guide on Rise

"They move with a meticulous attention to detail that not only grabs the eye, but takes your imagination roaming in thrilling directions"

The Herald

"Our grip on reality goes into freefall as the digital imagery dislocates our perceptions. lmmerse yourself in I lnfinite – a fascinating integration of live dance and digital technology and the everyday melts away into a bravura haze of cosmic imponderables"

Mary Brennan, The Herald

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Artistic Director(s)

Tom Dale

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Claire Summerfield

6A St James's Street

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