Vision Mechanics

Vision Mechanics was founded in 1984 by Symon Macintyre and Kim Bergsagel, artists, designers and puppeteers, each with careers spanning nearly three decades in the arts. The company produces environmental arts projects, large-scale community participation events and visual theatre. Vision Mechanics creates visually stimulating work, using performance and technology to engage communities with their environment.

  • Image: Dark Matter. Photographer: Symon Macintyre


Ghost: Echoes of a Life

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 3
  • Freight: No freight necessary


A gripping drama set in a mythical, futuristic landscape. The audience arrive at the starting point, put on headphones and enter the unsettling world of "The Maker". Written by Judith Adams, Ghost is a dark tale told through a blend of narration, music, three-dimensional soundscape and installation art. Ghost distorts usual surroundings into something hauntingly unrecognisable. 

A site-specific production taking place on local streets, maximum 30 audience members per show, with up to 76 performances possible per day. Suitable for all ages.

Dark Matter

  • Duration:
  • People on road: 4
  • Freight: No freight necessary


Dark Matter is a mystery gradually unfolding around the familiar space of an everyday garden, and building inexorably to a thrilling climax. A Gothic thriller unique for each space it is performed in, with a soundscape captured live during the show.

A site-specific production, Dark Matter plays outdoors in a medium-large private garden, at night, in the dark. The garden should be around 25sqm. The production can be performed twice each night for a maximum of 40 people per performance. It is not recommended for children under 12. The audience use headphones to listen to the show and are seated in the garden.

Wraparound work

Vision Mechanics offers a range of workshops accompanying productions for audience members, and also offers masterclasses where appropriate.

Press Comments & Testimonials

"Anderson was outstanding as a woman completely immersed in her own world whilst having an insatiable desire to be connected to another one"

Exeunt on Dark Matter

"full of primal passion... the natural imagery in the text winds itself powerfully into the shifting fabric of sound and light"

The Scotsman on Dark Matter

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Artistic Director(s)

Symon Macintyre & Kim Bergsagel

Contact details

Symon Macintyre
Artitistic Director

81 Great Junction Street

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