Get an insight into hotly discussed issues in theatre and dance and hear from some of the inspiring people we work with – plus our latest opportunities

Round up: Edinburgh Showcase 2019

| by Harriet Guest

185 delegates from 46 countries attended the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019 – our platform for UK theatre and dance companies to introduce their work to international promoters. Catch up with all the latest from this year's Showcase including interviews with artists and companies, video playlists and our recommendations for shows and artists to watch in 2019

Unpicking Stigmas

| by Natasha Tripney

The mad woman, the failing mother, the victim. Bryony Kimmings challenges stigmatised images of women and creates alternative myths about motherhood in her latest work

'A really knotty conversation': how to make the step from emerging to middle-scale

| by Eleanor Turney

Alongside the Showcase selection and the Recommended Shows, our team selects some of the most exciting Artists to Watch at the Edinburgh Fringe – those artists and companies who are making work that is worth keeping an eye on. Eleanor Turney speaks to this year’s selected artists about making the leap from emerging to middle-scale

Fierce, funny and feminist: The Roaring Girls are in town

| by Eleanor Turney

The Roaring Girls are taking the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 by storm with their Recommended Show, Beach Body Ready. They talk to Eleanor Turney about kindness, fatness and self-acceptance

"It's a question of being visible"

| by Eleanor Turney

Does the Fringe have a diversity problem? Artists on our Artist Development Programme talk about their experience at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Artists to watch 2019

| by Eleanor Turney

Some of the most exciting companies and artists showing work at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 – these are people to keep an eye on

A practical guide to touring in Australia

| by Matt Trueman

Overturn your assumptions, don't presume a western perspective, get to know the festival circuit, and pay attention to geography. Matt Trueman talks to artists and producers who share their tips about touring in Australia

Challenging stereotypes: The emergence of Latinx theatre

| by Gaël Le Cornec

The exotic Latina, the cleaner, the stripper. In her early career, Gaël Le Cornec was often asked to play stereotypes. She asks Latinx theatremakers and cultural leaders how Latin American voices can shape the UK theatre landscape beyond exoticism

"Art for art's sake is no longer an option"

| by Lyn Gardner

Exploring the arts, inclusion and Brexit, IETM Hull was a wake-up call, says Lyn Gardner. If the arts sector fails to diversify and engage more people across social divisions, it's in danger of becoming irrelevant. Part of our Culture after Brexit series

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