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Making a Better World?

| by British Council

Artists, cultural commentators and international development experts come together on 30 Oct to discuss art and conflict in the light of Abhishek Majumdar's new play about Kashmir at the Royal Court. Find out how to win a ticket...

Casting light on a difficult subject

| by Shreela Ghosh

Shreela Ghosh, Head of Arts, India, explains why The Djinns of Eidgah at the Royal Court is an important and relevant play

Talking Souls in South Africa

| by Rachel Gadsden

Rachel Gadsden visited Cape Town, South Africa, for a project called Talking Souls, a collaborative dance/live art/digital projection/music and singing performance which was commissioned by British Council, Cape Town. The commission formed part of the British Council’s annual contribution to the Women/Humanity Arts Festival organised by Artscape, Cape Town.

"We know there is an interest in Shakespeare from Chinese audiences"

| by Eleanor Turney

The British Council runs an arts management programme with China, designed to foster cultural exchange and build links betwene cultural organisations in the two countries. Eleanor Turney caught up with Juliet Zhu who is spending time at the Globe under the guidance of Neil Constable.

Blast Theory blast off to Japan

| by Ju Row Farr

Ju Row Farr shares some of Blast Theory's tips and experiences from their trip to Japan

#EdShowcase: A week in view

| by Laura Holmes

What's it like working behind the scenes at the Edinburgh Showcase? Our intern Laura Holmes tells all...

Letters from Lagos

| by Mark Ball

What are young theatremakers up to in Nigeria? Mark Ball, Artistic Director and Chief Executive at LIFT, visited the first ever Lagos Theatre Festival to find out.

"I write to get back at people"

| by Nada Faris

In the first of two blogs by young writers from Kuwait, Nada Faris tells us about her background, her inspirations and her story about an Arabian superhero… 

Give a puppet strings

| by Tom Espiner and Sean Garratt

Shisha, coffee pots, dates and a swimming puppet: Blind Summit Q&A on workshops in Kuwait.

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