We partnered with Muscat Municipality to tour Architects of Air’s Mirazozo to the Muscat Festival. We recommended the pieces for the festival, provided logistical support and acted as the producer on behalf of the festival.

We wanted to take the opportunity to share the richness of the UK’s outdoor arts with a wide audience – more than 9,000 people saw Mirazozo in Muscat leading to the piece extending due to high demand. The Muscat Festival is now in discussion with Architects of Air about a potential return visit net year, which will hopefully include artist workshops to further deepen the relationship. Qais Ba Howairath, Marketing, Communications and Digital Manager of the British Council in Oman, called it "a fine example of artistic expression that has crossed boundaries and cultures, and has brought joy and fulfilment to all".
Architects of Air's walk-in structures have impressed audiences in Hong Kong, Honolulu, Taipei, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Singapore and the UK, amongst others. Since 1992, more than two million people in 38 countries have visited their works.
  • (c) Architects of Air


  • Muscat, Oman

    10th Feb 2013 - 28th Feb 2013

    Muscat Festival,

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