Recommended by the British Council, Billy Cowie’s ground-breaking stereoscopic dance installation pieces Art of Movementand Dark Rain were invited to the 5th International Contemporary Dance Festival.

  • Billy Cowie - Dark Rain

Billy Cowie's combination of live dancers and 3-D visuals wins over the Jury 

Billy Cowie travelled to Algeria with dancer Jacqueline Mitchell to present performances of his work Art of Movement and Dark Rain at the International Contemporary Dance Festival in Algiers held in the Palais de la Culture, Kouba, Algeria, and also delivered a workshop at I.S.M.A.S  (Algerian Higher Institute of Performing Arts and Audio Visual). This trip was made possible by the partnership between the British Council Algeria and the Ministry of Culture of Algeria.

The show was a great success with audiences fascinated by the performances featuring real and virtual performers viewed through 3-D glasses. Billy Cowie was awarded the Jury Prize and invited to return to Algeria to be a judge at the 2014 festival. If you would like to find out more about Billy Cowie’s experience you can read his blog Good Morning, Algeria


  • Kouba, Algeria

    16th Nov 2013 - 19th Nov 2013

    Palais De La Culture

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