Acting Together with Kabosh in Nigeria

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Kabosh Theatre is working with the British Council to share their experience of arts community development in conflict areas as part of Acting Together

  • Meeting with African Renaissance Theatre in Abuja. Photograph: British Council

Paula McFetridge, Artistic Director of Kabosh Theatre, was in Abuja in November 2015 to help build the capacity of community and arts organisations so to use arts for community development and conflict management within targeted communities mainly in Northern Nigeria. A number to these community and arts organisations will be funded to create and present thought provoking work in public spaces, which involves the community.

Paula returned in February 2016 to deliver a three day workshop for the participating arts and community organisations to develop their capacity to engage with the target communities.

Acting Together is a project that aims to use community theatre in public spaces as a vehicle for reducing violent conflict by stimulating dialogue and promoting more positive tools for conflict management. The programmed theatre pieces will challenge communities’ divisive perceptions of each other and encourage dialogue and other positive behaviour as means of resolving differences and managing conflict.



  • Nigeria

    1st Oct 2015 - 31st Oct 2015

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