1927's international tour

As a direct result of our 2011 Edinburgh Showcase, theatre company 1927 have already toured their ground-breaking production The Animals and Children Took to the Streets to ten countries, with visits to a further 13 planned this year, alongside a significant participatory programme for animators, theatre makers and young people. 

Susan Andrade, Co-Artistic Director and founder of 1927, blogs here about how the company first came to the attention of the British Council and what has happened for the show since being part of the 2011 Showcase. 

Supported by us, 1927 has taken, or will take, the show to countries including: Australia, France, Ireland, Croatia, Nigeria, UAE, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, China, USA, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Jordan, Spain, Israel, Russia, Latvia, Italy and Austria.

The British Council's Edinburgh Showcase is a biennial platform of contemporary UK performance, featuring some outstanding small- and middle-scale touring productions made in the UK, selected by the British Council. The Showcase will take place from Monday 19 – Saturday 24 August 2013 in Edinburgh, during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Edinburgh Showcase has come to be regarded as a benchmark of quality in the fields of theatre and dance, and has launched many companies and artists onto the international stage.


  • Australia

  • France

  • Ireland

  • Croatia

  • Nigeria

  • UAE

  • Sri Lanka

  • China

  • New Zealand

  • USA

  • Hong Kong

  • Switzerland

  • Jordan

  • Spain

  • Israel

  • Russia

  • Latvia

  • Italy

  • Italy

  • Austria

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