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Watch: Lookout Beijing

| by Harriet Guest

School children in Beijing imagine the future of their city as part of Andy Field's Lookout

Selected by Theatre and Dance

Here's a selection of some of the things we've been making time to watch and read in lockdown

Covid-19 support

The latest advice, funding, resources, and tips for staying creative during the Covid-19 crisis.

UK theatre and dance festivals in 2020

| by Harriet Guest

Looking for some of the best contemporary performance from the UK and beyond? We've put together a snapshot of UK wide performing arts festivals from January to June

'You don't have to speak for me because I'm here'

| by Nkenna Akunna

Are festivals that look to centre and support otherwise marginalised artists still necessary? Nkenna Akunna looks back at the This is Black festival and explores making space for a plurality of voices within the UK black experience

'We cannot continue to do it for next to no pay'

Theatre criticism is shrinking even as it evolves into newfound spaces and has exploded onto the web. Verity Healey looks at the current state of theatre criticism, talking to freelancers and establishment voices alike to see what must change

Round up: Edinburgh Showcase 2019

| by Harriet Guest

185 delegates from 46 countries attended the British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2019 – our platform for UK theatre and dance companies to introduce their work to international promoters. Catch up with all the latest from this year's Showcase including interviews with artists and companies, video playlists and our recommendations for shows and artists to watch in 2019

"It's a question of being visible"

| by Eleanor Turney

Does the Fringe have a diversity problem? Artists on our Artist Development Programme talk about their experience at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

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