Get an insight into hotly discussed issues in theatre and dance and hear from some of the inspiring people we work with – plus our latest opportunities

“It’s all real people playing a game”

| by Cathy Gomez

Since appearing in Edinburgh Showcase 2015, Kaleider has taken The Money – an inventive production which is part show, part game – to China, Italy and the USA. As he prepares to live stream performances from Australia, Seth Honnor tells us about his experiences playing with different cultures

Video: “Disability culture brings extra richness”

Unlimited Festival artist Kaite O’Reilly has just published a new collection of plays for atypical actors. She tells us about the time she lay in front of a bus during a demonstration and explains why we need to push for cultural change

The only conversation...

| by Tanuja Amarasuriya

Tanuja Amarasuriya shares some thoughts from Sleepdogs' residency at Bios in Athens

Breakdance is breaking out

| by Nicola Rayner

Nicola Rayner talks to Hakeem Onibudo of Impact Dance, who has been working with ten b-boys from Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia

Q&A with Bryony Shanahan

| by Eleanor Turney

Edinburgh Showcase pick Bitch Boxer is currently at the Adelaide Festival. Bryony Shanahan reports from sunny Australia

Blast Theory blast off to Japan

| by Ju Row Farr

Ju Row Farr shares some of Blast Theory's tips and experiences from their trip to Japan

Give a puppet strings

| by Tom Espiner and Sean Garratt

Shisha, coffee pots, dates and a swimming puppet: Blind Summit Q&A on workshops in Kuwait.

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