Get an insight into hotly discussed issues in theatre and dance and hear from some of the inspiring people we work with – plus our latest opportunities

Meet the people who make Edinburgh Showcase happen

As we launch Edinburgh Showcase 2017, our director Neil Webb and showcase manager Becky Hinton tell us how the event helps UK artists find international opportunities, what the curation team is looking for, and why Neil once hid in a cupboard at a breakfast meeting…

Meet our new editorial team

Our new website editor Cathy Gomez and assistant editor Emmanuel Adanlawo interview each other. Get to know them and find out what’s coming up on this website and how you can get involved

International Radio Playwriting Competition

| by Eleanor Turney

The International Radio Playwriting Competition is open for entries for the 25th time. Judge Neil Webb, Director Theatre and Dance at the British Council, tells us what he’s hoping for.

From free to fee

| by Eka Patsatsia and Volodymyr Sheyko

How touring UK theatre work evolved into a collaborative model that develops UK and Georgian artists

"My Deafness is my ability"

| by Volodymyr Sheyko

Volodymyr Sheyko reflects on September's Unlimited Festival

Dance blossoms in Palestine

| by Suha Khuffash

The British Council’s Suha Khuffash explores what contemporary dance means to Palestinians

Making history on stage

| by Elizabeth White

Staging Irish plays in Azerbaijan was a challenge, but the results were incredible, writes Elizabeth White

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