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An Indian playwright's view of UK theatre

| by Anupama Chandrasekhar

What are theatre's superpowers? Anupama Chandrasekhar, the first international Writer in Residence at the National Theatre, talks about taking risks, losing inspiration, and her impressions of British theatre

Hip hop across the divide

| by Hakeem Onibudo

Against a background of political tension in Venezuela, 50 young dancers from Caracas come together to train and perform. Impact Dance's Hakeem Onibudo reflects on the "hip hop heads", blacked-out cars and joy that defined the project

How to avoid tokenism

| by Tarik Elmoutawakil

Marlborough Theatre's Tarik Elmoutawakil shares his tips on how arts organisations and programmers can improve inclusion – without resorting to tick-box diversity

Walking in different worlds

| by Kamarra Bell-Wykes

How can you bring indigenous communities into mainstream Australian performing arts? Ibijerri Theatre’s Kamarra Bell-Wykes reflects on the importance of creating new opportunities, building an education programme, and how the UK arts scene compares to Australia

Imagined performances and possible futures

| by Andy Field

Techno-fantasy, ecological terrors and political satire. Forest Fringe’s Andy Field takes us through Imagine 2037, our festival of imagined performances on a hilltop in Edinburgh 20 years from now – which launches on 19 August in Edinburgh and online

My time with Ninagawa

| by Thelma Holt

Yukio Ninagawa, the great Japanese theatre director, passed away in 2016. As the Barbican prepares to bring his seminal Macbeth to London in 2017, Thelma Holt, who worked with him for 30 years, celebrates his visual imagination and his talent for mixing theatre traditions from East and West

“Writing can change the world”

| by Jo Clifford

Jo Clifford, the UK’s most well-known trans playwright, visited Brazil with her moving, controversial show about Jesus, love and transphobia. As a Brazilian production of her play launches at Outburst 2016, she blogs about facing her fears and bonding with another country

How I became an artist

Rejected from theatre courses, recovering from injury and falling in love with a poet. Robert Softley and other Unlimited Festival artists tell us about their personal journeys and offer advice to aspiring creatives

Outside your comfort zone

| by Rachael Nanyonjo

Rachael Nanyonjo received an AIDF grant to travel to Uganda. She shares some observations from her trip.

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