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Making a new future at the Holland Festival

| by Lyn Gardner

Major theatremakers are speaking directly to how we live now. In the third of Lyn Gardner's dispatches from the Holland Festival, she encounters Dries Verhoeven's political fairground ride, Vincent Macaigne's ugly-beauitful dream, Derrick Ryan Claude Mitchell's riff on madness and Ivo van Hove's dissection of obsession

"We need to keep the traffic between the UK and Europe"

| by Lyn Gardner

The UK outdoor arts scene has welcomed European artists with open arms. Lyn Gardner visits the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival, reporting on ambitious new productions from the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, and talking to Artistic Director Bradley Hemmings about his hopes for the future

"There's an awful lot of British theatre I couldn't programme"

| by Lyn Gardner

Continuing her Culture after Brexit series, Lyn Gardner speaks to Ruth Mackenzie, Artistic Director of the Holland Festival, about taking risks, working with communities and discovering differences between working in Britain and the Netherlands

A new kind of Beckett

| by Eleanor Turney

Jess Thom, AKA Touretteshero, talks to Eleanor Turney about Beckett, biscuits and bodies

What does theatre have to say about democracy?

| by Lyn Gardner

In a new series for Culture after Brexit, Lyn Gardner embarks on a journey to explore the dynamics of theatre in the UK and EU. First, she visits this year's Holland Festival to investigate performances from the UK, Netherlands and Germany that feature topical debate, satirical manifestos – and Cate Blanchett

Curious Incidents

| by Eleanor Turney

Emma Jordan of Prime Cut Productions, talks about gender, teenagers and a new generation of Northern Irish writers with Eleanor Turney

'What is left when memory is gone?'

| by Eleanor Turney

Theatre Re’s show may focus on dementia and memory loss, but it’s really about life, Artistic Director Guillaume Pige tells Eleanor Turney

Imagined performances and possible futures

| by Andy Field

Techno-fantasy, ecological terrors and political satire. Forest Fringe’s Andy Field takes us through Imagine 2037, our festival of imagined performances on a hilltop in Edinburgh 20 years from now – which launches on 19 August in Edinburgh and online

The masculinity quest

| by Eleanor Turney

Rhum and Clay's Julian Spooner talks masculinity, celebrating difference, and learning to live with insecurity

'We don't live in post-racial times'

| by Eleanor Turney

A Q and A with Selina Thompson about her solo show, which explores the afterlife of slavery and colonialism

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